Momentum Lotto

Momentum Lotto

Hold an online lottery event using Momentum Lotto, while continuing to integrate your data with Luminate Online.

Lotto Site Example

Momentum Lotto Homepage Example

Momentum Lotto Form

Momentum Lotto Ticket Form Example

Lotto Ticketing System

  • Fully Customizable Ticketing System
    Customize ticket total for sale, dollar amount, value (eg 1, 3, 5 packs), and setup a cutoff percent sold to disable ticket sales automatically.
  • 50/50 Tickets Available
    In addition to standard ticket levels, 50/50 tickets are also available and fully customizable.
  • Ticket Soldout Alert Email
    Momentum Lotto alerts your team via e-mail when you’re nearing sold out for any ticket level.

Built in Analytics

  • Google Analytics
    Momentum Lotto comes built in with Google Analytics tracking as part of your integration setup, through a Google Tag Manager datalayer
  • Facebook Pixel Events
    Built in Facebook Pixel Tracking for your lotto site- no setup required

Start Your Lottery Today

Setup your own charity lotto today with Momentum Lotto and Luminate Online.

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