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Cards are a great way to direct users to other pages on your site such as: FAQ, Tips, How To’s, Event Details, OR to showcase important information. Below are the steps to create multiple cards, and ways you can use cards in your Pages.

1. Add a Block

2. Select ‘Card Block’ from the dropdown menu

3. You can add up to 3 Cards in one Block
4. Each Card can have an image, image with text, solid colour with text, or just text depending on what you want to display on the Page
4. Below is an example of Cards with a solid colour background and text:

5. Below is an example of Cards with images and text as well as a Link to other Pages on your site:

6. To add or change the Block background colour, click ‘Edit’ and scroll to ‘Card Block Settings’ here you will find the option ‘Card Block BG Colour’

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