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Changing Donation Language

1. Select ‘Campaign Setup’ on the left-hand side

2. Select ‘Registration Form’ and ‘Registration Settings’

3. Click ‘Self Donation Text’ to change the default text

Editing the Discount Box

You can enable or disable the Discount Code box in the registration form

1. To disable the discount code box, select ‘Manage Discounts’ and un-publish any discounts that have been enabled on TeamRaiser:

Changing location default on registration/donation forms

The registration and donation forms have a default location setting (BC, Canada), however you can enable localization features within Momentum. Below are the steps to do this:

1. Go to: ‘Admin Settings’ and select ‘Organization’

2. Select ‘Edit’ under ‘Localization Settings’

3. Type in a new location under ‘Default state/province that is selected’

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