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Donation forms can be customized depending on your organization’s needs. Below are the different options you can choose from as you set up your fundraising site:

1. Select ‘Campaign Setup’ from the left-hand side
2. Select ‘ Donation Form’
3. Dropdown Message: Add one dropdown message per donation level on a form:

Where you will see each Dropdown Message:

4. Dropdown Levels: Dropdown levels are the dollar amounts, users can donate
5. Organization Field: Select if you want the donation form to include an Organization field
6. Credit Card Icons: you can enable to disable a credit card icon displaying on your donation form. The following credit card icon options are available – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Dinersclub, JCB. Below is what the icons look like on the donation form:

7. Add Custom Field: Enable custom donation field with On/Off checkbox that sends a true if checked, false if unchecked.

8. Donation Form Intro Text: Text that appears before donor name at top of donation form. Default: You are making a donation to:

9. Donation Form Outro Text: Text that appears after donor name at top of donation form. Default: ____’s fundraiser:

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