With athletic peer to peer fundraisers going virtual during Covid-19, we’ve added Strava support to Momentum P2P. Make any athletic fundraising event fully virtual and inspire walkers, runners, cyclists and others to raise funds with Momentum P2P’s new Strava features.

We’ve built virtual racetracks, athletic stats and rankings, athletic awards, athletic leaderboards and more – all the real world components of a live athletic event, designed for your virtual event and powered by athletic data from the Strava activities of your fundraisers!

Virtual Racetrack

Setup a virtual racetrack for your event and add athletic milestones to inspire your participants’ fundraising efforts. Every fundraiser that links their Strava account will have a virtual racetrack added to their fundraising page, showing their progress towards the campaign athletic goal.

Virtual racetrack with halfway point and finished race milestones

If you’re holding a biking event, skiiing event, or any other type of athletic event, you can customize fundraiser’s virtual racetracks to suit your campaign athletic activity.

Virtual biking racetrack with multiple milestones

Athletic Stats & Awards

Whenever fundraisers complete an athletic activity in Strava (e.g. complete a run, bike ride, etc.), their progress is automatically synced with their fundraising page. Fundraisers can then see their current standing compared to other riders, their milestone awards, and their overall athletic progress.

Current rank and progress towards campaign athletic goal

Progress Updates from Strava

Momentum syncs more than just athletic stats though. Recent athletic activity info and maps are also added to fundraiser pages to give progress updates to donors and inspire fundraising.

Strava Activity Map
Recent athletic activity from Strava synced to user’s fundraising page

Athletic Leaderboard

Show who’s in the lead amongst your fundraisers with Momentum’s embeddable athletic leaderboard widget. Add it to your homepage, racing results page, or anywhere you want to inspire fundraisers to go the extra mile.

Athletic leaderboard showing top 5 participants

The athletic leaderboard can be customized to suit your campaign needs as well. If you want to display more than the top 5 participants, you can increase the number of participants shown using the leaderboard control panel.

Setting number of participants shown

Take your athletic event virtual

Transform your athletic event with Momentum’s athletic event features and Strava support. This will provide your fundraisers with the tools needed to grow their fundraising potential from last year.