In the wake of the current pandemic fundraising events are increasingly going virtual- with the fundraising landscape changing, fundraising platforms need to change too. To help your fundraisers adapt to the new virtual landscape, we’ve added video livestreaming to our fundraising platform Momentum P2P.

Empower your fundraisers to hold a video game fundraiser, share their livestream via Momentum to Facebook, hold a virtual fundraising challenge such as a readathon or a physical challenge, host a Q/A, provide regular live sessions to prospective and current donors, virtual charity run, auction, celebration fundraiser, and more!

Welcome to Next Gen Fundraising

We’ve built Momentum to be as streamlined as possible – effortlessly set up your fundraising page, livestream, and begin to generate real-time community engagement by streaming from anywhere! Watch on your livestream as your fundraising goal bar updates, users engage in a built-in livestream chat, and viewers enter the livestream. Your Fundraising Page transforms from a static page to a live video fundraising broadcast with the click of a button.

Momentum makes livestreaming an online video game easy- fundraisers can start their online livestream in minutes
and invite their friends and family to support them


Momentum makes livestreaming your fundraiser easy- here’s a quick run-down of the main features of a livestream event in Momentum!


Easily schedule a future livestream by selecting “Livestream” on the top menu once you have logged in. Simply create an event title and select a date/time, or begin the livestream immediately.

Momentum livestream scheduling. Schedule for a future date, or begin livestream immediately.

Camera features + screen sharing

Seamlessly switch between camera livestream, camera + screen share, or pause your livestream when needed. See the image below for details on where to toggle between the different streaming options.

Momentum’s built-in livestreaming camera, camera share, and other features.


Our chat feature makes it easier for your viewers to join the conversation, engage with your event, and connect with other viewers. Viewers can join the chat by signing in with their Facebook account. Our chat system features emojis, and the ability to ban users if necessary. Viewing the ban list and un-banning is easy – simply click Options at the bottom of the livestream.

Momentum’s livestream chat system which features a ban list, emojis, and viewer count.


Viewers can donate during your livestream with the click of a button! There is a Donate button just below the livestream which opens up a pop-up window without ever leaving the livestream:

Momentum’s livestream has the option to donate seamlessly during the livestream

Social Sharing

Social sharing is another way to gain new audiences through your current viewers. Currently, our livestream offers social sharing with the following platforms: Facebook page post, Twitter, and E-mail. The sharing option includes the profile picture from your fundraising Page, along with your username and description.

Momentum livestream with social sharing for Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


As donations are made during your livestream fundraising event the three Top Donors names and amount donated will automatically be added above the Livestream Chat!

Momentum livestream displays Top Donors above the chat system.

Upgrade your fundraising

Ready to take the next step and upgrade your fundraising campaigns to include Livestreaming? If you’re already a Blackbaud Luminate Online client we can have Momentum installed on average within 2-3 weeks! If you’re thinking about making the jump to Luminate Online and want to include Momentum as part of your setup, we’re available to help your team make that transition.