Luminate Online Donations in WordPress

WPLO Donate is an integration for WordPress that brings Luminate Online donation forms into WordPress. Build beautiful, responsive donation forms without having to enter a single line of code.

WPLO Donate on a Laptop

Embed Responsive Luminate Online Donation Forms

Fully responsive Luminate Online donation forms that can be added anywhere on a WordPress site- in a news article, in a post, or on a dedicated landing page for donation campaigns.

WPLO Donate on Desktop and Mobile devices

Modern Design

WPLO Donate is designed from the ground up to work on any device, with modern UI elements providing feedback to donors to simplify donation flow. In-line error messages, credit card type detection, and ajax server responses help improve donor completion rates.

WPLO Donate Quick Setup

Setup your form in minutes with WPLO Donate, and make ongoing changes to form look and function in WordPress.

WPLO Donate Embed Form Code

Embed Luminate Online donation forms anywhere on your WordPress site, with an automatically generated shortcode system.

WPLO Donate Built-In Form Options

Turn on/off donation form elements such as monthly donations, organization donations, gift designations, e-cards and more directly in WordPress.

WPLO Donate Built-In Security

Built in bot detection blocks malicious donation attempts from bots without need for a captcha, with all banned bots listed in WordPress admin area.

WPLO Donate Built-In Google Analytics

Built in Google Analytics tracking using a Google Tag Manager datalayer, with customization options available in WordPress admin area.

WPLO Donate Built-In Styling Options

Make changes to your donation form colours, fonts, and other styling settings through the WordPress admin area.

WPLO Donate Admin Interface

WordPress Interface

Manage Luminate Online donation forms in WordPress, using an admin interface available to your organization's users.

  • Turn on/off donation form elements like monthly donations, gift designations, e-cards.
  • Change fonts, text, and colour scheme of donation forms without updating code.
  • Use auto-generated embed code to place your LO donation forms anywhere on your site- place donation forms directly in your site news section for stronger donor appeals.
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